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  • learning disability care home STOMP Pledge for Social Care

STOMP Pledge for Social Care

learning disability care home STOMP Pledge for Social Care

Stopping Over-Medication of People with a Learning Disability, Autism or Both

Kingsley Specialists Services has committed to the STOMP pledge- STOMP is a health campaign to stop the over-use of psychotropic medication to manage people’s behaviour.

STOMP is a national campaign developed by VODG, NHS England and sector stakeholders. By committing to STOMP we are fundamentally reviewing how we support people with their medication.

It is estimated that on an average day in England, between 30,000 and 35,000 people with a learning disability, autism or both are taking prescribed psychotropic medication without appropriate clinical justification, which results in alterations to their perception, mood or consciousness.

  Long-term use of these medicines puts people at unnecessary risk of a wide range of side effects including weight gain, organ failure and even premature death.

Our commitment to this pledge is made with the aim of improving the quality of life for the people we support who live with a learning disability, autism or both. It is intended that by supporting and educating our staff, that through their interactions with relevant professionals they can help to ensure that people only receive psychotropic medication for the right reasons and in the right quantity.

Our commitment to the STOMP pledge requires us to look at certain aspects of what we do. As part of this commitment we will: 

  • ensure that our service quality team have conducted a provider self assessment as produced by STOMP
  • produce an action plan from the self assessment and share it with VODG (Voluntary Organisations Disability Group),
  • appoint STOMP Champions in each service to support best practice
  • ensure that we train staff effectively and that we actively promote alternatives to medication such as positive behaviour support, active support or intensive interaction
  • review our management of medicines policies and procedures to ensure that the STOMP pledge is fully incorporated
  • implement a medication pathway as part of every individual we supports’ support plan to ensure that we follow up on this commitment for each person we support during their medication reviews
  • work to ensure that all actions are taken in people’s best interests in cases where prescribers are considering changes to a person’s medication.
  • share appropriate leaflets and information to assist staff in how best to support a person to have their medication reviewed.

learning disability care home STOMP Pledge for Social Care