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How to find us?

The Laurels location was selected specifically to take into account the anticipated needs of the people who will use the service. It was necessary to ensure easy access to other relevant facilities and the local community, whilst taking into account the need for privacy and for the building not to stand out as a specialist facility but to blend in as a part of the local community. The Laurels is located in the leafy suburbs of Lowestoft, close enough to the town and the beach to be able to take advantage of the varied facilities available. The Laurels operates a house car for the people we support to use to access the community, or people can bring their own vehicle if they prefer.

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Welcome to The Laurels

116 Yarmouth Road, Lowestoft, Suffolk, NR32 4AQ

The Laurels is a modern, luxury, well equipped home located in the leafy suburbs of Lowestoft on the Suffolk coast providing the highest standards of care and support in a very homely and comfortable environment.

The Laurels caters for people of both sexes with varying levels of ability including those with behavioural difficulties and other complex needs. Each person who lives at The Laurels chooses how they want their own room decorated and what they want in it. Entrance to the home is through the safety of electrically operated gates and the home presents itself grandly on arrival, with a pillared porch and symmetrical architecture. Each person who we support has a named key-worker(s) who will encourage, support and guide each individual to express choice and to set and accomplish personal goals.

At the Laurels we provide a relaxed approach to care and support giving each individual the time and understanding they need to achieve their goals and aspirations in life. The most positive and effective form of support is to listen to what each person wants and needs. We pride ourselves in our well-equipped sensory room of which the people that we support make full use.  Many of the people we support have been supported to take voluntary work placements and some have attended college and courses at our local Aspire Centre. Each person is treated as an individual and is supported with this in mind, so some people may prefer to do more fun activities such as swimming, bowling, eating out, walking along the nearby beach, whatever the need we can cater for it.

Features available

Free WiFi facilities
Person centred food menu

Our Approach to Care

Approach to care The Laurels

Many of the people we support at The Laurels have very complex needs and behaviour that may challenge. We provide support for people who may require a high degree of support including those with a Learning Disability who also have a physical disability. Everyone has the opportunity for appropriate involvement in the local community, including daily activities and outings of their choice. At the Laurels we provide a very high quality living environment where the people we support can remain for as long as their needs are being met. This means that we will encourage people to move on as and if appropriate for them. If you have anything that you think we may be able to help you with, please don’t hesitate to contact the manager at any time, she is always happy to help.

Food & Menu

Our food menu The Laurels

We often don’t work to a set menu, instead we provide individual meals according to people’s choices on the day. The kitchens and dining rooms are always a hive of activity and we always encourage people to be part of this. All our homes have a kitchen that is fully equipped to be used by the people we support with appropriate support from staff for people to be able to make or help to make, their own meals in their own way.We take training and cleanliness very seriously and all the staff who assist with food preparation have achieved their food standard qualifications. We serve three main meals a day interspersed with snacks as and when people wish.  Everyone always has a choice when it comes to meal times and the staff will always assist the people we support to prepare the meal of their choice (according to specialist dietary requirements and within the bounds of what is appropriate). We can cater for individual food requirements and special dietary needs. Meal times always create a buzz around the services and the kitchens and dining rooms are always a hive of activity.  

Meet the manager

Toni Atkinson

Meet the  manager The Laurels
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