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Creating a home

At our residential care facilities, we understand the importance of blending into the local community, providing a low-stimulus environment in peaceful, appropriate settings. Our goal is to promote independence and autonomy, allowing individuals to choose between high and low-stimulus environments based on their needs and preferences.

Each of our services is thoughtfully designed to accommodate various needs, from sensory impairments to challenging behaviours. With input from healthcare professionals and commissioners, we ensure every aspect of our facilities caters to the well-being and safety of the people we support . From anti-ligature fixtures to temperature control systems, our designs prioritise the comfort and security of those who live with us.

We strive to create a homely atmosphere where individuals feel valued and supported in reaching their full potential. At the heart of our approach is person-centred care, where individuals are empowered to lead fulfilling lives on their own terms. Join our family-centred community, where comfort, support and compassion are the foundation of everything we do. At Kingsley, the people supported can truly feel at home.


  • Unique environments at each of our specialist care homes
  • Location and amenities are a priority
  • Diverse offerings available
  • Luxurious living for the people that we support
  • Peaceful tranquility for specialised support

What we offer

Some of the memberships and associations we’re really proud of:

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